Leveraging internships and Career Services on your job search

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In this post, we first share a personal story and key learnings on leveraging internships on your job search from Daniel Peng, former International student and currently an NPI Powertrain Engineer with Faraday Future.

The second part of the newsletter points to a valuable resource for International Students, courtesy of Lisa Witt, Career Advisor and Assistant Director for the University of Dayton Career Services.

Leveraging internships and Career Services on your job search

First of all, let me introduce Daniel. Daniel completed a Master’s of Science in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of Dayton in May 2015. He has two Bachelor of Science degrees (Global Manufacturing System Engineering Technology from UD – May 2013 and Mechanical Engineering from Shanghai Normal University (SHNU) – June 2012).

Daniel served as UD’s first international career advising assistant with Career Services when he was a student. Prior to that, Daniel had served as a teaching assistant at the University of Dayton China Institute where he translated English to Chinese for engineers from companies such as Eli Lilly. As a tutor at SHNU, he guided freshmen with study plans and career preparation. As president of his mechanical engineering class at SHNU, Daniel organized student visits to companies and invited guests to give lectures about career development in engineering. Lastly, at the University of Dayton, Daniel had been heavily involved with the International Club and always enjoys making new friends from around the world.

Daniel enjoys basketball, tennis, table tennis, and also like following the trends of electronic technology, such as Apple product, Google’s invention. By comparing different competitors, he always can find some interesting strategy those companies use, which makes him think.  It was understanding this strategy that garnered him internships with Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd and The Walt Disney Company. Upon graduation, Daniel accepted a full-time position with Faraday Future as a NPI Powertrain Engineer. (https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielpeng91)

In his video, Daniel emphasized the importance of internships, but also leveraging Career Services for building strong Interviewing skills, Networking skills and Job searching skills.


Ohio GREAT, a valuable resource on your job search

The second part of our newsletter comes from Lisa Witt. Lisa serves as a Career Advisor and Assistant Director for the University of Dayton Career Services. Lisa has liaison responsibilities to the School of Engineering, Computer Science Department and the Center for International Programs. In her role, she provides assistance to students and alumni with a wide variety of topics including career development, job search and networking strategies, interviewing skills, networking and choosing a major through either individual appointments, workshops or presentations.  Prior to the University of Dayton, Lisa retired as Colonel from the United States Air Force in 2012.  She was commissioned in 1990 through the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps as a distinguished graduate at the University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio with a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering.  Over the span of her career, Lisa has earned a reputation as a down-to-earth and energetic career advisor with a passion for helping others reach their career goals.

Here is her recommendation on a valuable resource on your Job Search:

The Ohio G.R.E.A.T. (Global Reach to Engage Academic Talent) program is unique and innovative in its state-level platform with interlocked policy priorities to:

  • Promote Ohio as a postsecondary destination globally.
  • Encourage international postsecondary students to remain in the state beyond their study.
  • Enhance global economic competitiveness for native Ohio students.

Key concepts include:

  • The Ohio labor force is not growing and when labor force does not grow, productivity does not increase. Thus, the future of the workforce and future of work recognizes the demand for EDUCATION + AGILITY, enabling employees to operate abroad.
  • With 95% of world’s population and 80% of world’s purchasing power outside of U.S. (currently 1.4 million jobs in OH depend on foreign trade), globalization is imperative for businesses.
  • Ohio is only state to codify globalization into law: intentional, strategic, inclusive to the world.
  • Currently, only 28% international students maximize post-graduation OPT. The state goal is to be on par with the national average of 50%.
  • By increasing international awareness of Ohio, increasing international engagement and stimulating the Ohio economy with talent, Ohio will be viable for domestic and international opportunity alike.
  • The state is focusing on “Designed Opportunities” – strategic programs and activities for higher education and businesses that focus on talent and innovation.

What does this mean for international students? Ohio is a GREAT place to be for your education and experience needs. The state is working hard with employers to facilitate CPT and OPT opportunities.  For more information, see the Ohio G.R.E.A.T. website which has resources for students and employers:  https://ohio-great.us/#/home

To better understand U.S. hiring policies and skills necessary for the job search process, check out “Power Ties: The International Student’s Guide to Finding a Job in the United States “ by Dan Beaudry  (http://www.powerties.net/) and “3 Steps to Your Job in the USA“ by Steven Steinfeld.

I trust you find these resources helpful. If you have questions, or suggestions for future topics on our newsletter, please join and send us a note on the CinciGlobal LinkedIn group.

On behalf of the CinciGlobal Team,

Eleodor Sotropa

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