Real life advice for your job search and networking from Anthony Ting, former Miami University International Student

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In this newsletter, we first share advice and a personal story of utilizing campus resources on his job search from Anthony Ting, a former international student at Miami University and currently a Manager in the FSO Advisory Services practice of Ernst & Young LLP. The second part of the newsletter points to the value of using LinkedIn to network with professionals for international students.

Be confident and proactive in your job search

Anthony Ting provides his advice to current international students who are or will be in the job market soon. He thinks international students should “be confident and be proactive” in their job search because “if you can’t persuade yourself that you are the best candidate, then you do not have enough determination for getting the job”. Below are his bio and advice to international students.

Ting Anthony_photo-emailAnthony Ting, CISA, HIPPA, is a Manager in the FSO Advisory Services practice of Ernst & Young LLP. He focuses on managing and delivering high-quality IT assurance and advisory engagements, including Financial Audit IT Integration (FAIT) and Service Organization Controls Reporting (SOCR), while also recognizing that our commitment to service quality extends to bringing relevant insights and industry experiences. His capabilities include great project management, teamwork, coaching, communication, organization, and detail-oriented work. In addition, he has past experience in supply chain management, strategic planning, logistics and procurement. He also participates on the FSO Region SOCR Team where he supports critical SOCR-focused quality and growth initiatives. Anthony is a 2011 graduate of Miami University with a Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain and Operations Management as well as Management Information Systems. If you would like to connect with Anthony Ting, please find the following link for his LinkedIn profile:

Anthony’s advice to international students

“Information is becoming one of the most valuable materials in this century, including the information about yourself. It can be transmitted through forms of writing and/or verbal communication. As such, my first advice is to continually enhance the writing and verbal communication skills, such as maximizing the benefit of writing center resources to consistently improving the writing skill. Being able to communicate fluently is extremely important, when interviewing with recruiters, you only have very limited time to present yourself on why they need to hire you over other candidates. My second advice is making sure you are keeping yourself up-to-date with news and proactively talking with different groups of people. Also, maximizing the benefit of career center resources to schedule for mock interviews.

Lastly, be confident and be proactive. Remember, if you can’t persuade yourself that you are the best candidate, then you do not have enough determination for getting the job. Also remember, going to career fairs and submitting your resume online is not considered proactive, those are just the standard procedures that every candidate needs to do. You need to ask yourself what have you done differently that others have not, and trust me, all those unique experiences/stories will one day become one of the key success factors for getting your dream job.”

We hope you learn from his advice: 1) enhancing writing and verbal communication skills, 2) keeping up-to-date with news and proactively talking with different groups of people, and 3) and remembering that the unique experiences/stories you have will become one of the key success factors for getting your dream job in the future.

 Why Use LinkedIn for Networking?

International students may learn about LinkedIn from their career services offices as one of the recruitment tools. Most importantly, there is a GREAT value of using LinkedIn, which is NETWORKING. LinkedIn connects global professionals from different fields of industry. It is such a great platform where users can share their experiences and values, build their own networks, develop their personal brands, etc. That is why it is so important to have a professional profile on LinkedIn before you start networking with people.

What does a professional LinkedIn profile look like?

  • First, have a professional photo taken (remember that should be different from your Facebook photo)
  • Second, update your education background and work experience (it could include any internships, on/off campus jobs, volunteering works, etc.)
  • Third, have a concise summary that shows your career goal, personal interest, and experience
  • Forth, build an attractive headline that will cause people to spend time clicking and reading your profile

If you have done all of these, you should probably start connecting with professionals. Importantly, you need to write a personal note before sending a connection request, which specifies the reasons why you want to connect with the person.

We usually encourage students to use LinkedIn to make connections with friends, classmates, colleagues, alumni(a), professors, and, of course, professionals. LinkedIn is the right place where you can learn from others who are in your field or even completely different from it.

How can we learn from those experts? First, follow them on LinkedIn and read posts or articles they share; second, join relevant interest groups to exchange ideas and thoughts; third, conduct informational interviews with professionals from whom you want to learn. The purpose of conducting informational interviews is to better understand the specific jobs, industries, and workplace environments that you are interested in and would like to know more about before or after applying for any jobs. In addition, request for mock interviews from persons who are in certain roles or companies to help you prepare for job interviews. Remember! You need to customize your messages in order to show your respect, passion, and interest.

Lastly, you probably do not want to wait till you go to career fairs, apply for jobs, or have job interviews and then start networking with people. Networking never stops! And LinkedIn is a perfect place to start.

About the author

Terry Yang photo-emailTerry Yang serves as an international student coordinator for Miami University International Students and Scholar Services.
In his role as coordinator, he seeks to provide program and activity coordination to promote the personal development of international students. He supports the Global Partner Summer School program, bringing international students to the Miami University campus and Oxford community for a month-long program in the summer.
He also has experience in helping international students’ career development and job search while working at The Career Center at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he earned his M.Ed. in Education, Policy, Organization, and Leadership.