The recording is now available at this link, in case you could not attend the event live.

steven-steinfeld3 Steps to Your Job in the USA


Linkedin for International Students Seminar

Who should attend: International students who are seeking an internship, co-op, or full-time position in the USA

Date:             March 7, 2016

Time:            5:00 PM – 7:30 PM with a break

Location:       400 Zimmer – Zimmer Auditorium, UC West Campus

Steven Steinfeld is a Nationally recognized professional job search coach, owner of Steinfeld Coaching, and the founder of Executive to Executive Coaching, Inc., Author of 3 Steps to Your Job in the USA and LinkedIn for International Students


About Steven Steinfeld:

Steven Steinfeld is a nationally recognized professional job search coach, speaker and author with thousands of readers, LinkedIn endorsers, and workshop attendees. His proven job search strategies have resulted in several TV, newspaper and radio interviews, and staff positions at the business schools of Northern Illinois University (NIU) and the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). Steven is also on the Advisory Board of InternshipDesk, and has provided one-to-one coaching to hundreds of international students.
3 Steps to Your Job in the USA LinkedIn for International Students
Steven is the author of two popular and acclaimed job search books for international students, 3 Steps to Your Job in the USA and LinkedIn for International Students.