Is China or India on your Business Development Plan Roadmap? We can help.

China and India are number 1 and number 3 Biggest Economies. Bigger than Japan or Germany, China and India are fast growing economies, with large populations moving up the income curve.


Our Cincinnati Greater Area and our Ohio Companies still have to get their fair share of exports to these economies (the largest export to China is crops).

Main barriers to create an export Business Development Plan are: geographical distance, language skills, knowledge of local business practices, local competition.

We can help solve these challenges. 

students-internationalCinciGlobal Student Projects – An Opportunity to test your Business Development in China and India

We have a significant presence of International Students from India and China in the Greater Cincinnati area universities and colleges. They bring deep knowledge of the market, distribution channels and local competitors, not to mention language skills and local business practices knowledge.

If you are looking to engage a team of International students on your business development plans (formatting, testing, expansion), the local universities are ready to engage.

Is China or India on your Business Development Plan?

Interested to engage International Students on a Custom Project for your Company?

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China and India Projects

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