Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  Margaret Mead

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There are 6,000 International Students in the Greater Cincinnati area that can use your help

CinciGlobal Volunteers are a community of committed professionals who welcome International Students to the region, offering them the support and guidance to reach their full potential in the U.S.

Our volunteers play a meaningful role in transforming International Students’ lives by sharing knowledge of U.S. workplace culture and expectations, industry insight and lessons learned. CinciGlobal volunteers support International Students through interview coaching and by encouraging and mentoring them through what can be a challenging time. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing International Students gain confidence as they achieve their goals and come to believe they can succeed professionally here.

Mentors work one-on-one with International Students to help them prepare for the job market. Activities include practicing interview skills, clarifying professional objectives and focus, and gaining confidence in presentation and networking. Mentors will help mentees with editing cover letters and business communications, as well as introducing mentees to contacts in their industry. Mentors attend a 45 minute orientation session, then meet with their mentees once a month. Additional contact is via phone and email.

Mock Interviewers
Mock Interviewers take part in a 3-hour workshop held monthly on a Saturday morning or weekday night. After a brief training at the event, the volunteer conducts a practice interview for two International Students.

Industry Specialists and Advisers
Industry Specialists share industry/profession specific expertise and experience.

Resume Review: Review 1-2 client resumes per month and provide industry-specific feedback for International Students in your industry.

Share your expertise: Serve as an industry expert and resource for our staff. Lead Networking Forums in your Industry: Lead and/or coordinate an Industry Roundtable – a forum of panelists in your industry who share information, suggestions, and concrete job search tips for our International Students in a particular industry.

Advisors conduct informational interviews, over the phone or in-person, and help International Students understand the intricacies of pursuing a career within a given industry sector or company in the U.S.

Connectors are people who are well-networked. They know a wide circle of people that includes potential donors, corporate partners and foundation staff who need to hear about CinciGlobal mission and impact. Connectors make introductions and set up small events where potential supporters can hear about our work and meet International Students and alumni. Connectors also help with special event planning.


Here are a few more of the benefits of joining the CinciGlobal volunteer community:

  1. Learn about other cultures and life in other countries
  2. Strengthen your professional and leadership skills through coaching
  3. Pay tribute to your own immigrant heritage
  4. Contribute to increasing the diversity of the U.S. professional workforce
  5. Become part of community of talented global professionals
  6. Increase exposure to top companies and organizations
  7. Connect with people who have a shared passion for empowering others
  8. Have fun while contributing a valuable service


We need volunteers from all professional fields to serve the diverse backgrounds of our International Students. Whether you are an industry veteran or mid-career professional, you have valuable experience to draw on and share with our job seekers. You must have:

  1. At least 3 years of professional experience
  2. Strong track record of helping others succeed
  3. Interest in other cultures and respect for the immigrant experience
  4. Excellent English communications and writing skills


We make every effort to match your skills to the opportunity and International Students who will benefit most from them. We train and equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to make a meaningful impact. We provide templates, specific strategies, cultural tips and a structured but fun approach to help you accomplish the tasks at hand. CinciGlobal experienced volunteers are also available to provide assistance and ensure you have a successful volunteer experience.

There’s an opportunity for everyone

Whether you have three hours a year or three hours every few weeks – we have a variety of ways you can become a part of our work. Please fill in the Volunteer Form for various volunteer opportunities.


  1. Tell your network about us and introduce us to new people
  2. Get your company involved in corporate volunteer opportunities
  3. Refer International Students to our program

Still have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions 

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