Team –

Thanks for the time invested in our call yesterday. Very rich discussion,

The next steps that I’ve captured:

  1. Eleodor/ Mary to schedule a discussion with Jordan Vogel on how the Chamber can help, and aslo on the connection with the Port Authority for regional companies that look at opening international markets. Eleodor will reach to a few team members for that meeting.
  2. Lisa and Eleodor to connect on the University programs that can leverage International students distinct qualities (market knowledge and Innovation skills). Eleodor will send invite.
  3. Mary will share the details on the Nov. 15th event for Diverse by design, and the meeting organized by Ohio GREAT in Dublin, OH. Will talk on the October meeting how best to represent CinciGlobal at Nov 15th event (table?).
  4. Ron will reach to the UC new structure leadership to check on the Career fair schedule. Update back via email.
  5. Kathy will share the Brand umbrella for Diverse by Design – design elements, relationship between sub-brands. Eleodor to adjust our communication materials based on that (remove Agenda 360 insignia etc.).
  6. Eleodor to share a drumbeat of communication materials for the email newsletter, website and LinkedIn group. We will all need to take turns on that.


Please let me know if I missed something.