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Meeting notes from Thursday call below. Also, the “Save the date” went out via the LinkedIn Group, and we have the first person that confirmed, and also volunteered to help with the event (see screenshot below).


  1. Plans for defining the taskforce action plans.
  2. Work in the next weeks and do an update on the tasks ahead.


Meeting Notes:

TaskForce Plans for 2016

  1. The task leaders will prepare the Draft plan for their respective taskforce and share with the larger team for input in JFM 16 timing (template attached):
    1. Julia and Naashom – Employer Engagement – Jan 21st
    2. Ron and Eleodor – Immigration Attorney – Feb 4th
    3. Kathy DeLaura – Communication – Feb. 18th
    4. Eleodor – Student Engagement – March 3rd
    5. May Lee- Program Innovation – March 17th
  2. Eleodor and May Lee will work to launch an Idea Challenge to capture ideas for “How might we make Greater Cincinnati Area the most attractive employment place for International Students” for Taskforce 5..

Career Fair March 9th

  1. Eleodor to sync the equity of the LinkedIngroup with the website, and send a “save the date” –
  2. Save the date message will go out to employers from Julia. The save the date will contain link to  our Connect form for emploeyers at Julia will include Mary’s comments on the employers script.
  3. Julia booked the rooms for the physical and virtual event for March 9th and submitted her part of the budget request.
  4. Eleodor will work with Mary Stagaman potential funding from Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce.
  5. Naashom will organize a Employer event – Eggs and Issues – in January/ Feb. , Kathy will follow with Mary Stagaman on a Cinci Chamber of Commerce similar event in Jan/ Feb. 2016, in preparation for the event
  6. Julia shared via Dropbox a curated file for the employers that hire International Students. Each University employer contact owner is requested to add their own list to that file, in their respective University tab. Julia has a student that helps with curating the file.
  7. Kathy Delaura will work with Julia the Dropbox setup, to ensure editing of the file works well – done.
  8. Next meeting is Thursday Dec. 19th at 3pm, then on January 7th at 3pm


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