CinciGlobal International Students Potential Workstreams

  1. Create a Lifecycle of engagement / Increase the Frequency of engagements
    • Start with Weekly newsletter.
      • Employer section (“What was important to you as employer…” cycle)
      • Student section (“What did I learn from my internship”/ “What did I learn in my first year in the job”)
      • Career office section (How to look, where to look, how to engage)
      • Internship Opportunities
    • Assess opportunities for f2f engagements outside of newsletter communication
  2. Create Internships Opportunities / Shadowing
    • Equip small and medium companies with an Internship “package” (paid/ unpaid tracks)
    • Create a system for internship opportunities communication, engagement and feedback
  3. Execute the International Students Career fair, with an emphasis on an early marketing program to the regional employers
    • Focus on employers, with testimonials and early engagement
    • Execute Career fair with excellence
  4. Link with external efforts (Diverse By design, Center for New Cincinnatians etc.)