International Students Focus – Meeting Notes

August 6th, 2015


  1. Debrief on the “How might we make Cincinnati a most attractive employment place for International students?” discussion, and other ideas – 20 minutes
  2. Draft roadmap (Eleodor to present a draft roadmap for 15-20 minutes), followed by discussion/ feedback

Next steps and Help required

  1. Next meeting is on August 13th, Thursday at 3pm. Please attend that meeting, and ensure you have it in your calendar.
  2. Next meeting focus is Inclusion on Regional Universities and Colleges Career Forums (Part of existing Career Fairs organized by Universities). Please come prepared to talk the topic (approach, help needed, inspire from each others’ plan)
  3. Please submit a short profile for the Program Leadership page – see slide 8 of the deck discussed (attached)
  4. Eleodor will talk with Mary the identity and design / content rooted in Agenda360 for
  5. Eleodor needs help identifying International Students that can help with the content management and social channel management for CinciGlobal .org (see slide 11)

Key discussion points

Thanks Kathy, German and Bryan for the lively discussion.

 Topic 1:  How might we make Cincinnati a most attractive employment place for International students

  1. We reiterated the importance of engaging employers on the program. Later in the meeting, Eleodor shared the experience from Pittsburgh, where the heavy investment from Google (self-driving and robotics), Facebook (Occulus) and Uber (self driving) created  a very strong environment for International Students,
  2. We clarified that our core target is International Sudents, and that there are other programs that target Diversity students
  3. Kathy talked about the need to create the links with Ohio Greta, and the legislation push for the driving license changes driven by that program
  4. Bryan reiterated the need for a welcoming package (and potentially a Concierge service), and the links with the Mayor taskforce in that space

Topic 2: Roadmap for the program – 4 planks, with a  focus of introduction of plank 3 –

  1. We discussed the Inclusion of a calendar of Events, starting with the Career fairs
  2. Potential inclusion of a message board, and make it a discussion forum, vs. a one way communication
  3. Include links to other resources / sites that contain relevant info
  4. Opportunity to link with OhioGreat, and lead/ leapfrog other regional efforts
  5. Connect strongly with Agenda360 – equity, content, roots
  6. Engage International Students – Eleodor to explore this as next steps, and in the next meetings. Are there International Students associations at the regional Colleges and Universities? How do we engage them.
  7. Explore Internships from International Students to support CinciGlobal.


Topic  1: Key Themes for “How might we make Cincinnati a most attractive employment place for International students? “


  1. Educate companies on the hiring and retention processes. Make the business case for hiring international students.
  2. Create a framework for the immigration/legal assistance to employers who need it for hiring International Students.
  3. Develop an infrastructure to help welcome and retain international students. This infrastructure is a collaboration between colleges and universities, business, lawyers, chambers, workforce development agencies. This infrastructure would include advocacy efforts (convincing companies of the importance of hiring international students), networking efforts (connecting international students to other international students and local residents), and connecting the university, business, and workforce development communities.
  4. Communicate success stories: Students and employers telling their stories.
  5. Focus on the college career fairs that target US students, and engineer an experience that should work for the International Students.
  6. Emphasize/promote the economic impact of International students and families vs how many US jobs are created/supported; and quantify the ROI to the International students post-graduation seeking full-time employment.

Topic 2: See attached deck for CinciGlobal – CinciGlobal program- An Introduction-EleodorSotropa-08062015