Summary of the call on Thursday afternoon and next steps:

  1. Focus of the call is on the Career Fair preparation, especially the engagement with employers.
  2. Good engagement from students (270 registered to date). Please continue to share the invite / save the date with students.
  3. Student Volunteers – we have 48 students that volunteered for the Career Fair. I listed their contact info here (Google Docs). If you plan to contact them, please update column C of Student-Volunteers tab with your name, so we don’t have multiple team members contacting the same student.
  4. LinkedIn group has seen a significant increase – 457 members as of today.
  5. Career fair day – Julia will publish a detailed schedule, with volunteer expectations and where help is needed.
  6. Ron Cushing shared the plans for the March 7th 3 Steps to a Job in US event – details here and at the LinkedIn group. Next step is to clarify the recording sharing window (30 days, 90 days)
  7. Eleodor to continue to explore with Mary Stagaman the communication of the event via the Chamber.
  8. The most important next step: All Team members please contact a few employers from the list, and mark next steps on here (Google Docs) – tab is Pick 5-10 Employers. Please engage  employers – we need 20-30 employers to have a successful Career fair. Will share a weekly scorecard on where we are. Thanks to those that already committed – Julia, Kathy, April, Lisa! The info on the event is at

One line summary – focus is on engaging employers, and we need all the help there.