Team –

Thanks for the time spent today in the call.  A few updates and next steps:

  1. The second email wave for the employers was sent by Julia.
  2. Lisa Witt (UD) is organizing an immigration lawyer event for employers – event link is here. If you know employers from Dayton area that might be interested, please share :
  3. Ron confirmed that UC will offer an Immigration Law session on March 7th late afternoon. The session will be webcasted and also will be in person at UC. Steven Steinfeld will present his “3 steps for your career in US”. Ron will send more details on the webcast, and aslo share that via the Linked In group. More info on Steven here .
  4. Eleodor and Mary talked about communicating the event via the Chamber of Commerce. Mary is scheduling the event, Eleodor will prepare materials to share. More details to follow.
  5. We started seeing students registering on the site for the event. Very helpful to see the areas of employment they are interested in. Eleodor will share the list of students each Friday for planning purposes. The list will allow the planning for the buses from the univierities, and also ensuring we have the right employers at the Career fair. Attached the first download.
  6. Rufan suggested we create a form to communicate the areas of employment sought by the students. We will create a word cloud for that. First one below.
  7. Eleodor will work with Julia the choreography for the event (who does what when), to ensure no idle time.
  8. Julia and Eleodor will connect and create the crowdsourcing process for contacting the employers. Each team member will connect with 4-5 employers from the list, based on their best contacts.
  9. Eleodor will publish the mobile app instructions for the event, and look for a student to volunteer to help with the content.