Team –

Please see below the meeting notes from our Thursday call.

  1. Julia will send another mailer to the employer, the w/o January 11th, and also will open the UC registration mid-January.
  2. Julia will send a refresher for the Dropbox employer access to the distribution.
  3. Kathy DeLaura will talk with Mary Stagaman and Naashom the dates and form for the Chamber events promoting the event.
  4. Ron and Eleodor will connect and determine the right immigration lawyers engagement for the Chamber events and the international Fair.
  5. Kathy will follow up with the General Cable contact interested in participating.
  6. We will make a decision on the Virtual career fair when at UC – Julia will talk format and logistics.
  7. Once Julia send the next wave of employer communication, we will start the crowdsourcing approach to contact employers.

4 week plan