International Students Focus – Meeting Notes

September 3rd, 2015


  1. Debrief from the GlobalCinci action plan with Mary Stagman – Eleodor
  2. Career fair preparation and help needed – all
  3. Data on International Students – what we have, what else is available

 Next steps and Help required

  1. Eleodor will publish the list of Cinci employers that hire on H1B visas. The list can be used by Career Fair organizers to check if the employers in the Career Fairs hire on HiB visas. File is Employers List. – completed
  2. Bill (NKU) will share the list of employers participating in the NKU Career Fair. We will build on that list. See list below – completed
  3. Eleodor to find and publish the list of employers that participated in the prior career fairs that are open to International students hiring. List is here. – completed
  4. Eleodor to follow up with Maria Gracia on prior data gathered on International students and share back. See list below – completed 
  5. Eleodor will propose a template for collecting data on International students Employers – employers, address – in progress

NKU List

NKU List of Employers
1 Axcess Financial
2  Cengage Learning
3  Cincinnati Bell/Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions
4  Cincinnati Children’s Research Foundation
5  DHL Express
6  Fifth Third Bank
7  General Cable
8  Great American Insurance
9  Hillenbrand
10  Interactive Business Systems (IBS)
11  Sogeti USA
12  Toyota Boshoku America (TBA)
13  Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America
14  TriHealth
15  UC Health.

International Students – data collected in the past

University # of Int. Students per Year Most Common Major % are International Students Country of Origin # or % Stay in Cincinnati Do Companies Seek Your Students? Examples of Companies
UC 3,400 Engineering & Business NA China & India ~500 students graduate and stay for an initial year of work authorization. Difficult to find since the OPT period they get can be as short as one year, most employers won’t sponsor them on work visas like H-1B due to the costs and yearly limits placed on the visa by Congress. NA
NKU Fall 2013: 528 Non-Resident Aliens out of a total enrollment of 15,283. Electronics Engineering Technology; Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Technology ~50% Saudi Arabia ~10%– Students represent 60 countries, ~65% are from Saudi Arabia. Nearly all the Saudi Arabian students must return home when they finish their studies. When they do stay, it is for OPT Some, but it is mostly difficult for students to find employment Open to hiring our students: Axcess Financial; Cengage Learning; Cincinnati Bell/Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions; Cincinnati Children’s Research Foundation; DHL Express; Fifth Third Bank; General Cable; Great American Insurance; Hillenbrand; Interactive Business Systems (IBS); Sogeti USA; Toyota Boshoku America (TBA); Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America; TriHealth; UC Health.
XU ~245 Intensive English NA Saudi Arabia NA Those with STEM degrees may be considered for employment in the United States.  If a student earns an non-STEM degree, it is much more difficult if not unlikely that they’ll have an opportunity to be hired permanently Companies that have hired XU candidates from STEM programs include Big Four accounting firms, Wellpoint, Dunnhumby, Nielsen and Kroger.
Miami University 1,500 Business/Arts & Sciences NA China (90% of all int. students) NA NA NA
Cincinnati State 4% of students 4%
Thomas More 10