Team –

Please see below the next steps from the Thursday meeting.

Thanks to all who participated – The Magnificent Eight!

We missed Francois, who is in Thailand, but we also talked about him missing a November 75° Cinci weather, and the Bengals leading 7-0 for the season. Oops…update… 8-0 now!


  1. We welcomed Naashom, who brings a wealth of energy AND experience from the NK Chamber of Commerce, AND some great connections to the Employers.
  2. We have two open positions – Student taskforce and the Communication Taskforce leader – please raise your hand. These are fun teams, and great topics to lead. Thanks Julia, Naashom, Ron and May Lee for volunteering for the taskforces.
  3. We talked the weekly drumbeat towards the Career fair, and what needs to happen there. I think Julia has an updated version, with more tasks assigned to me, but attached is the version we talked. Eleodor will add the weekly plan to the Google Docs repository, and include that in the meeting agenda for the future.
  4. One decision was to include in the Career fair not only Employers, but also Companies that are open to Internships for International students. Rufan shared her experience on the internships as an International Student.
  5. “One Employer List”: Julia will update the list of employers, and then communicate to the team how to add the other Universities data.
  6. Julia will signal to the team when we can start “crowdsourcing’ the employers engagement, using that “One List”
  7. Naashom will include the Career fair communication in one of the upcoming “Eggs and Issues” sessions organized by the Chamber.
  8. Naashom will try to get a few testimonials on International Students hiring and internships. Potentially video clips that we can then scale. Nothing more powerful than peer to peer testimonials.
  9. Eleodor will create a communication for Student engagement and share that with the list of University “amplifiers” list that Julia will create. I just sneaked this in Julia’s To Do list (I can assign work to Julia as well as she assigns to me J). The intent is to leverage the listserv distributions for the International Students to start engagement them with the Career Fair.
  10. We talked the need to engage with the Ethnic Chambers of Commerce, based on our success with the Chinese Chamber engagement. We need Rufan cloned in instances of Hispanic, Asian, Indian et.c Chamber of Commerce. Naashom will help here with her contacts. Rufan will not attempt cloning. While an individual choice, it was a team decision.
  11. We talked the engagement with the ERGs, and that the engagement will be a Day 2/ Day 3 strategy, early 2016 vs. now.


Agenda for the meeting:

  1. Naashom Intro and Welcome to the team
  2. We evolved as a team in the last 90 days, and grew in size. A proposed new structure, task force focused.

Team re-organization draft below (to be discussed and aligned). Please volunteer to lead the taskforce.

  1. Attorney taskforce (Ron);
  2. Students Taskforce (TBD);
  3. Employer Taskforce (Julia, Eleodor, Naashom?);
  4. Communication and Web/Social Media (TBD);
  5. Innovation taskforce (what’s next after Career fair) – May Lee
  1. Employee Taskforce Plan


Next call is Thursday, Nov. 19th 3pm call.

Eleodor, your CinciGlobal Evangelist