October 15 Meeting – CinciGlobal Career Fair Preparation


  1. Students engagement
  2. Immigration attorney engagements

Students engagement

From University Career Leaders, via website and email

  1. One pager on the Career Fair Websites and via email
  2. Call to action to connect via each University Career mailing list for International Students list, and engage at http://cinciglobal.org/connect/ , distributed via the University email list and college website links
  3. When engaging, collect major/ type of job/ Linkedin profile for the students
  4. Call to action to join the LinkedIn International Students Career Forum and Networking – Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.
  5. Make sure we include graduate students (bachelor, master, doctorate, graduated)
  6. We will talk the idea of virtual informational interviews on the “How” part of the event planning
  7. We will talk the idea of a virtual booth for each employer during the “How”

 Proposed Materials

  1. One pager on the Career fair
  2. For employers – plan to do a “pre-Career fair” training session – 90 minutes
  3. Video Introduction on Why
  4. CinciGlobal Forms to register for 1. Students, 2. Employers, 3. University Officials and 4. Others (Chamber of Commerce, Employer Diversity Groups)

Immigration attorney engagement

We will create a small taskforce – looking for 2-3 volunteer. Ron’s name was mentioned as leading this taskforce, with the following agenda:

  1. Select 3 law firms to support CinciGlobal
  2. In exchange for exclusivity to our events and recommendation to employers and students, they will commit to 2-3 lunch and learns prior to the event, a 60 minute presentation during the event, and have tables at the event to interact with students and employers.
  3. We would like transparency on the H1B visa pricing, for an employer’s very simple message track
  4. Asses sponsorship potential for the event