Great progress on the September 3rd “ToDo” list – almost all next steps are completed. Exact status here

Also, wanted to share the integration with the LinkedInGroup .

This was a next step from my meeting with Mary Stagman. If feedback on the integration, please let me know. Would appreciate if you can test the integration – thanks to German for his help with testing so far.

Agenda for Sept. 10th

  1. Career fair preparation and help needed – all.
  2. Spring 2016 dedicated International Students Career fair initial planning.
  3. Data on International Students – what we have, what else is available.

Looking forward to the meeting today.


Topics discussed

  1. Welcome Amy Tanaka (U Dayton) and Mika (Miami University)
  2. International Carrer fair scheduled for March 9th at University of Cincinnati. Regional Universities International Students are welcome.
  3. Focus for next weeks is Employer engagement to participate in the Event. Eleodor to communicate the event via Agenda360 events and the Chambers of Commerce.
  4. Eleodor to create a google doc with the employers targeted for participation.


Link to employers that hire on H1B visa is here

Link to XLS Employer data: