Taskforce Leaders

  1. Julia and Naashom – Employer Engagement
  2. Ron and Eleodor – Immigration Attorney
  3. Kathy DeLaura – Communication
  4. Eleodor – Student Engagement
  5. May Lee- Program Innovation


2016 Project Plan Template – Student Engagement Taskforce


Goal 1:  Maximize International Student engagement on job opportunities


Performer Due Date
Promise 1 Engage International Students  on high odds job opportunities Eleodor
1-1 Create a process to maintain a high quality list of potential employers for student communication via Career office Eleodor 01/31/2015
1-2 Select 2-3 employment / graduate areas to strategically engage students Eleodor
1-3-1 Develop and implement engagement plan Pilots
1-3-2 Execute 4-6 week Pilot for Engagement Plan
1-3-3 Measure impact on focus areas; Go-No Go for Improvement Plan
1-5 Revise plan as needed
Promise 2 Educate and train International Students on Job interviews and visa procedures
2-1 Create a student driven content creation  for cinciglobal
2-2 Execute two 45 minute webinars for Internation students – Job Interviewing skills and Visa application process